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sundayy stay tune for he "late edition" with jeff barnd and jennnfer gilbert, and it starts right >> big storm moves up the coast, hhw maryland is bracing for up ú% 5 inches of rain. >> the bed bug invasion hits shock jock howard stern, who discovered he insects. >> baltimore's ooher football team. why players think they deserve yyor attennion. oh, my ggd. i don't know what toosay. >> talk about awkward. -hii major mistake this game show announcer just made. >> live in high definition, from
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wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am ennifer giibert. we are expecting heavy rain overnightt it hasn't gotten here yet but ccmmuters in a few hours. >> how much can we expect, and when will the rain hitt chief meteorologist vytas reid has a look at the ssvere weather moving through maryland. vytas? >> we have not seen the heaviest earlier today we saw some and then a break. few breaks in the clouds for sunset to be allowed. but we are seeing some of the heavier showers ssuth of dc. it looks like rossing the potomac and buuld in throogh the overnight. and more to work with down what is actually tornado watche3 over parts of north carolina s atmosphere is going tt continue to shift north. we can see the potential for tornadoos tomorrow. that's a concern as well. as the ssstem rides along the trough that is moving from the south. we still have the emnants of what is tropical storm nicole
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that is kind of losing the luster. losing the strength. ahead f it an area of low pressure. the low tracking north. as theelow moves north it will ccntinue to bring us the chance for rain. as we go through the night tonighttinto tomorrow. then this is going to turn into a low pressure, and follow that. so two areas of low pressure3 riding the trough along the mid-atlantic giving s heavy rain. flash flood watches through tonight into tomorrow. as we have the potential for heevy rainfall. how much? we are talking about anywhere from about two to 5 inches potentially cross the area. depending on where you are. some folks getting heavier amounts thannothers. right now the bulls eye looks carroll, howard, dc, annapolis. so it looks like it will give us heavy rainfall. ú% can get flooding conditions across the region. i will have more details about %->> thankkyou, vytas. a bit. >> with 6 inches of rain expected in some places, crews in baltimore ccty re busy cleaning storm drains to keep things from flooding.
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>> keithhdaniels is live in north baltimore withhword on how residents can help to get this job done. keith? >>well, jeff and jennifer, city crews have been busy clearing storm drains like this onn. in fact, tonight they say the best defense residents have against flooding is a broom, and trash cans. we caught up with a crew at the corner of south folton and coal3 they cleared the drain at that location. there are 52,000 storm drain inlets across the city. not all of them need to be but for those that do, city only has five teams, that's 10 people, to do aal of that work. >> i feel bad that these guys have to work so bad and hard to try to get this done. but if weecan get people to stop throwing trash in the streets, and stuff, it wouldn't wash down in the drains and we would ot worry about it. >> we are back here llve. bge is preparing for the storm tonight. thee have key personnel on standby should we see any power
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outages during that storm. >> live in north baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition". >> all right, keith thank you. if you ake up tomorrow to weather damage in your area. see it, shoot it, send it. your cell phone to >> and as you head out tomorrow morning, get the latest about which streets re flooded possibly. and then the best detours of course. tomorrow morning on fox 45 morning news. latest traffic information is on the news ticker anddfox 45 apps for the droid and i-phone. fox 45 morning news begins at five a.m. >> closing arguments tomorrow in the trial f three men accused of killing former baltimore councilmaa ken hair rips. %-first-degree murder with intet chhrge in favor of a lesser felony murder charge for the shooting of harris two years3 ago. >> hagerstown police say the handgun a 2-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with, belonged to a federal agent.
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the gun was stolen three weeks -arlier from the officer's car. toddler found the gun under the bed and shot himself in the chest on monday. he was still in critical3%condi. the boy's 16-year-ood brother and 17-year-old girlfriend have been chargeddaa adults with -heft and firearm violations in the incidentt >> the amily of a girl eleccrocuted on a softball field in druid hill parr settles a lawsuit withhthe electric company. amount was nnt disclosed. >> the girl died back in 2006 when she leaned up against a fence to stretch. the laasuit against the city, which was previously tossed out. %->> breaking news to report out of northeast baltimore at thisú hour. a man was shot in the headú according to police on boley lane two blocks off sinclair lane. homicide detectives have bben caaled to the scene. >> at the present time no suspects or motives. we are asking if theepublic
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witnessed something to come forward and help us with the investigation. >> the victim s in serious condition as we speak. >> investigators are trying to figure outtthe ccuse f that deadly bus accident in montgomery county earlier today. the accident happened about 4:00 this afternoon. near the montgomery mall shopping center in bethesda. a tour bus suddenly plunged off the washington beltway nd fell 45 feet on to 270. the driver of the bus, 66-year-old joseph clabaugh jr. oo hanover pennsylvania died at the scene. two others hurt. including two with life threatening injurres. >> this is unusuul. we have seen bus accidents %-own special problems.e their but this is different. >> the pennsylvania company that owns the bus, wolf's bus lines received a satisfactory rating by the ffds only last month. tonight, the n.t.s.b. is investigating this accident.
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new poll gives governor o'malley a double digit lead over reeublican challenger bob ehrlich. morr ttan 1400 adults surveyed by the washington post favored ú%malley over hrlich 52 to 41 percent. and this is a big change from several recent polls that showee the two in a dead heat. %-budget, more people think thht ehrlich is better qualified to handle it. 43 percent of likely voters support ehrlich with the budget, compared to 40 percent for o'malley. both candidates reacted to the new poll nuubers today. >> i do think that the public, after the primary, has been taking stock of the fact that maryland s weathhring this downturn better than other states, and we are starting to see some job creation for the first time ii many years in our staae..3 >> that poll is so far out of whack with everyypublic and you private company over eight months, period. -> well here is ouu question of the day. who gets your vote for governor? one viewer writes on facebook.3
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please brinn back ehrlich. marrlanders cannot ffood o'malley. >> new information now on that possible cover up involving a state job report. maryland republican aucus leaders are calling for an investigation into whyya gloomy assess o jobs was suddenly pulled from the website offthe departmenttof labor and licensing. and several internal e-mailss were sent before and aater the report was pulleddlast month. the labor seccetary said that the document was never intended to be made public. ú% lawmakers on capitol hill get set for recess to keep their jobs come november 2. %-resolved.sues have yet to be house democratic leaaers decided to follow the senate lead and wait until after mmd term election to say vote on what to do about the extension of the bbsh tax cuts. set to expire at the end of the year. republicans say the delayed vote indicates infighting among the democratic party. >> the republicans essentially are saying we're holding the
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middle income tax cut hostage to our determination to pass the taxxcut for income above that level. >> the reason they are not brinning this p for a votee is because we have the votes, in the house and senate. to extend all of tte current tax rates. >> democraas want to extend the tax cuts only to the middle class not the wealthy. >> and, of ccurse, stay with fox 44 news for the llteest information on the november go to 2010. >> a major change in theeway that baltimore teachers get paid. they will be paid according to hhw successful the ccildren arr in their claas. right now teachers are paid based solely on years ofú experience, and degrees earned. now they will be compensated based on how well they teach and how well students learn. >> we need to evaluateeteachers vigorously. teachers beeiive hat the professioo should be about people that are effective. and if people are not effective
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in terms of helping kids, and working with other teachers, you know, it is like in every other they should think of other things to do. >>as for new teachers, the starting salary increases from $41,000 a year to $46,000 a year. the highest starting pay for teachers in the state. >> the old ywca building downtown is now a chhrtee school. >> students at the baltimore leadership schooo for yyung womee celebrate their new home today. mayor and top educators were on hann for the grand opening. sshool is a non-profii that is partnered with baltimore city >> but it is picture perfect. ú%d the girls love it. they are here early. stayylate. we are home. we are home. >> the school will eventuallyybe opened tt young women grades six through 12. >> i am so sorry about this. oh, my gosh.
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fashion faux paux, reaaity show names tte wrong wiiner on live what happened after the mix up, still ahead. europe. the issue that is almost an entire continent angry. >> looking at floong 
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>> the federal government disrupts a terrorist plot. ciaed the plan targeted several major cities throughout europee %-mumbai attacks -- back in 200, where western tourists were kidnapped. you may recall, ann hotels bombed. >> tens of thousands ofú protestors took to the streets of europe today protesting cost cuttiig meesures that have hit public spending and services extremely hard. this is ne of the main protests youuare looking at from athens agrees, someeof the cutbacks are cutting civil servant salary, trimming pensions and hiking sales and the income taxes. >> the storm headinggour way, first made the presence known in florida. tropical storm nicole brought us zook soakiig to the southeast region. residents scrambled to put up sand bags to keeping out
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flooding. and places activated pumps to ham the storm water runoff. >> >> unbblievable. we're supposed to get some tomorrow. not sure whether it will be 2 or 6 inches. >> either way it is a big deal. chief meteorologist vytas reid is tracking the storm and has the story. >> waach it. couple of things goiig on with the storm. deal with called nicole. and it is kind of losing steam. but tten we also have a low pressure system that is developing ahead of it. thht is actually helping,ú feeding off nicole. bringing more moisture up the show you that coming up. two to four possiblee wednesday through thursday. in fact, future scan shows the potential across baltimore county, including baltimore city, northern portion of the county. carroll. ú%is is a run showing three to 4 inches. pocket of five to six. possible. as all the heavy rain comes up.
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ann then the potential for severe weather to watch for. %-baltimore.m downtown cloudy skies right now. not rainiig at this moment. saw showers earlier. and we could see more rain building in through the next several hours. 67 degrees right now. wind out of the east-northeast at 10. most of tte rrin has been moree3 concentrated south. coming down hard. in fredericksberg it was3 .36 inches half an hour, and now .52, half an inch. so seeing it south of dc pretty good water working up 95.3 not a lot eee yet. measurable. but that will change in the next few hours. central maryland. baltimore through dc. northern virgiiia. we also have western edge of the chesapeake bay, looking at coastal flood advisories with the potential for flooding through the next 24 hours. we have flood warrings south. watches, to watch out for. that may extend up to our area. with some of tte energy that will continue to shift north. so all across the eastern
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seaboard. talking about some heavy rainfall. potential for some dicey weather. and also wind concerns, especially on the eastern shore where there are wind advisooies because the winds are picking up to 30 to 40. gusting to 50 miles per hour %-frontal boundary brings in the rain to play. then it looks like this will continue to roll through the hour, heavy rainfall at seven a.m. noon coming down at a heavy and storm moves north and heads out. which gives us a break. so tonight heavy rain in the mix t looked like rummles of thunder. tomorrow, isolated tornaao. 777with the rain showers. fiveeday forecast. shows 73 clearing. with more sunshine. and monday with cooler temperatures. >> all rrght. ultimate nightmare here for any tv presenter that job involves the phrase "here it is."
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>> imagine getting it wrong live and on camera. >> so the winner, and australia's next top model for 2010, is kelsey. ú-but, oh, wait a minute.odel. >> i am so sorry about this. oh, my god..3 i don't know what to say. this is not -- this is a complete accident. it is amanda.3 i am so sorry. >> that's all right.ú that's okay. >> oh, gosh. >> well, the host said a mistake was because of misccmmunncation with producers. the wrongly named winner is getting $25,000 though and a trip to new york to make up for the mix up.
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>> girls on the gridiron. why the members of the new ú%ltimore charm say the lingerie football league is no joke.3 >> coming up next in other sports. ravens did
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>> bedbugs invade howard stern's %-they reeort the disc jockey sd the building was treated over the weekend and now 100 percent bug free. >> hopefully bed bug free as well. >> he also said his limousine -as fume grateed after dogs sniffed them out there. what is up with howard? maybe it is howard. pest control workers are calling new yorkkcity the epicenter of the bed bug outbreak. >> as the ravens got back to work tooay it was with a grim sense of purpose. ffurth week of the season. it is steeler week. -his is big boy stuff. while they will tell you every game is important. is a new level. and to get ready they madd a roster move.
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a move innolving a big name. veteran defennive end price was released. 35-year-old price led the ravens with 6 nd a half sacs last season. and took a 2 and a half million dollars pay cut it in the off but they need the spot for hamlin. to focus on run stopping than pass rush. but shed no tears for price. jjhn harbaugg sounded today like him. >> we have roster issues you deal with. and that's not something we want to do. trevor is a big part of what we do here. we nticipate getting hii back. and just what we had to do for now. >> and this won't come as a surprise. emtow folks in baltimore. after a huge game last sunday. receiver bolden is naaed afc offensive player of the week. and seriously who could arguu against it. playing in the first regular season game before the home folks here in baltimore. bolden caught three touchdown passes from joe flacco, in thh 24-17 win over the browns.
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that's not all. part of an eight catch, 142-yard afternoon..3 for the veteran receiver. >> great accomplishment. i think he would be the irst to tell you that is definitely an honor for all the guys o share, we all take pride in that.ú >> you don't get anything. i don't think so. >> they gave you something, what would you want? >> another big r. >> and as far aa we know, ray rice did not practice today. he was not on the field in the portion of practice open to the ú%dia. the raven's running back seen in the locker room but not made available for interriews. john harbaugh said they are taking things slow and would not rule out playing him sunday. but would not say he is playing either.ú of thh knee sunday against the browns. %-the snaps and for what it is worth, mcgahee predicted rice will be in the line up sunday afternoonn half underdogs to the steelers.
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>> thank yoo, bruce. >>well, ggrls, playing pro footbbll. baltimore's new team in the lingerie football league makes the debutt >> charm held media day at 1st mariner today. competition on the gridiron is fierce. the girls play 7 on 7 full contact tackle football. >> really it is intense. we play real footbbll. it is a good game. and people will be surprised and impressed, i think. >> you can watch the baltimore charm take on the number one ranked tampa breeze in the home opener friday at 9:00 pm kickoff. >> and it looks lie
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nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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>> final look at the seven-day looking at heavy rain through the overnight. rumbles of thunder possible. maybe isolatee tornadoes. 77 degrees. ú% friday. clearing up. to the weekend, 60s with more sunshine. and then early parts of next in the 60s.nggon the cool side >> all right. vytas, thank you. that will do it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tune in for morning news starting at 5:00..3 >> ty 
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